February + March Update: Better list views and more ABR

ABR Update

We made more progress with ABR in the past few weeks, and are almost ready to release our first pass at it. In this first stage of the feature, you'll be able to add a budget amount when you're creating a project as well as budget hours. When you do that, Ballpark will show you a "Target Billable Rate" (we explained all these terms in our last update).

Next up: taking this data and surfacing it in reports and other areas within your Ballpark account. Stay tuned for more updates there.

Improving Lists

When we started working on ABR, we realized there were a few adjustments we wanted to make to how the list views (aka tables) work in Ballpark. When we say 'list view', we're talking about things like the list of all your invoices or estimates or hours. 

We decided to improve the list of Projects and Invoices first. Many of you requested more data be visible in each row, and with addition of the new ABR metric we knew we would need more room in these table views to see everything. But, not every metric is relevant to every single one of you, so we knew we needed a solution that allowed for some customization.

We added a dropdown at the top right of the table that allows you to show and hide columns based on the data you'd prefer to see every time you visit one of these lists. We'll remember what you choose and keep it that way.

Screen Shot 2019 03 29 At 2 57 00 Pm
A shot of the new way to display table data on the invoices list view.

Now you get to streamline your tables to find what you need more quickly. This update should be released in a week or so.

Other Stuff

We also pushed a couple of bug fixes and improvements:

  • Updated timer exports to include more data
  • Fixed a bug with internal comments related to attachments
  • Fixed a bug with email invites for teammates
  • Improved date range filter on invoices and estimates to look for due dates AND sent dates before returning results

That’s it for February and March. As always, please drop us a line at support@getballpark.com and share your hopes and dreams.

We’ll be back next month with another update.