Get better at the business part of your business.

Ballpark has all of the time tracking, invoicing and project tools you need to help you get organized and get paid.

Time Tracking

Ballpark makes it easy to set budgets and track time against clients and projects.

Track Your Time

Our simple, reliable timers make it easy for your team to bill time towards projects and clients.

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Turn Tracked Time Into Invoices

Turn your team’s time into money by importing timers directly into your invoices.

Track Billed vs. Un-Billed Time

Ballpark shows you the hours you've already billed (and the ones you haven't).

See Where Your Time Goes

Run time reports by date, client, project or team member so you know how your team is spending their time.

Ballpark is the simplest way to keep track of the time I spend with clients at my consulting practice.

Invoices and Estimates

Ballpark's estimates and invoices help you streamline your process and make it easier for clients to pay you for your work.

Create Estimates

Create detailed estimates and send them to your clients for approval. Ballpark lets you know when clients have accepted or rejected your estimates so you can get to work.

Turn Estimates Into Invoices

Save time by converting approved estimates into invoices with a single click when you’re ready to bill.

Create Custom Templates

Create custom estimate and invoice templates, or use our fancy pre-made templates.

Create and Send Invoices

Easily create beautiful, professional invoices and send them to your clients.

Schedule Recurring Invoices

Ballpark can automatically create and send invoices on a schedule you set.

Know When Clients View Your Invoices

Keep track of which clients have seen your invoices and estimates so you know if you need to follow up.

Communicate Clearly With Clients

Clients can leave comments and ask questions directly on the invoice or estimate.

Track Invoices

Sort and filter invoices so you know which ones have been sent, viewed, and paid – and which are overdue.

We’ve been using Ballpark here at Dribbble for years. The ease-of-use and time saved has been indispensable to our little company.

Clients and Projects

Ballpark helps you stay organized by keeping your clients, projects, hourly rates and budgets in one place.

Manage Clients and Contacts

Add all of your clients' contact details to make billing even faster.

Create Projects

Organize your client work into projects to make tracking hours and invoices easier.

Set Hourly Rates

Set default hourly rates and edit them on a client-by-client basis.

Set Project Budgets

Never blow a budget again. Assign hours to projects so your team always knows how much time is left.​

Ballpark’s great UX means we spend less time within the app and more time getting work done. The Projects feature is especially useful as it gives us a snapshot of time worked and time remaining on a per-project basis.


Keep your bottom line healthy with overdue reminders and payment reports.

Accept Online Payments

Let your clients pay online using Stripe or PayPal. You can even add a custom upcharge to cover extra fees.

Send Payment Reminders

Let Ballpark chase down late payments for you. Set custom email reminders to nudge clients who haven't paid on time.

I needed to invoice clients without the fuss. Ballpark presents itself well to clients - it has a “Pay Now via PayPal button and sends a PDF.


Ballpark makes it easy to get reimbursed for the money you spend to get projects done.

Track Expenses

Stay organized by adding expenses to specific clients or projects as they occur. No more lost receipts!

Add Expenses to Invoices

When your team enters expenses, you can import them by batch into your next invoice (just like timers).