Simple pricing that scales with your business.

Whether you’re an agency in growth mode or a shop of one, there’s a Ballpark plan that’s right for you.

Ballpark is $19 a month for one person, and $9 a month per additional team member.

Find your cost with our cheesy calculator and sign up now.

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Every Ballpark account includes:
  • Unlimited invoices & estimates

  • Unlimited projects

  • Overdue payment reminders

  • Stripe & PayPal integration

  • No online payment fees

  • Time tracking

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Excellent software is less expensive than you think.

If your 25 person agency makes $3.5 million in revenue and Ballpark costs $2,820 a year, you’ll save $780 annually over the leading time tracking software. And, you’ll only spend 0.00008 percent of your revenue on software responsible for 100 percent of your time tracking and invoicing.

That means you can put that extra $780 towards:

  • 150 cases of La Croix
  • A lot of hot dogs
  • About 1/20th of a Bitcoin
  • Something that's actually valuable

Here's how Ballpark's pricing compares to the leading time tracking software.

Team Size Ballpark Yearly Savings over the #1 time tracking software
10 $100/mo $240
15 $145/mo $420
25 $235/mo $780
50 $460/mo $1680
75 $685/mo $2580
100 $910/mo $3480
Ballpark is the invoicing app I would rather not live without. I don’t want to overstate—I could live without it. But it’s gorgeous, robust and dead simple to use and it helps me gets my moneys, and I can’t live without my moneys.