September Update: Export Timers

September is coming to a close (and so is Summer, boo), and we’re looking forward to focusing on useful new features related to time tracking and project planning. But we’re here to talk about what went live this month as we continue to improve Ballpark.

The big push this month was to increase performance of a few slowish views in Ballpark, namely the Client list. Lots of good stuff going live soon that will help increase page loads and let you find information faster!

We also reintroduced a feature from the old version of Ballpark, CSV exports for timers. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to the Time section, and click “Reports” in the sub nav.
  2. Select as many timers as you like.
  3. You’ll see the drawer at the bottom of the screen with an up arrow icon at the far right.
  4. When you click that up arrow, you’ll see the option to export the selected timers. Click “Export Selected” and your export will begin downloading right away.

We also pushed a few bug fixes and other improvements this month:

  • Projects can now be assigned to individual Contacts (they don’t have to belong to a Company).
  • Cleaned up default filenames of PDF downloads (client name will truncate to 50 characters).
  • Smarter ‘back’ links throughout the app; example: if you’re viewing an invoice, the back link will take you back to where you were before instead of the list of invoices.
  • Added more caching to several areas related to viewing Client screens to speed up page loads.

That’s it for September. As always, please drop us a line at and share your hopes and dreams.

We’ll be back next month with another update.