October Update: The Old Design Rides Off Into the Sunset

This month we officially shut down the old version of Ballpark and have transitioned everyone over to the new design. It took a long time to get to this point (we started letting folks use the new design over nine months ago!) but we wanted to be sure that we rolled out the new version slowly so that we could address bugs quickly and efficiently. We’re proud of the team for all the work that’s been done in the past year, and we’re excited to keep making Ballpark awesome!

We’ve got several other projects on deck (we’re never gonna get tired of baseball puns, sorry). The biggest one is what we’re calling a “timesheet view” for time tracking, and we’ve also got some infrastructure work to do that is boring but necessary to keep Ballpark running smoothly.

We also pushed a few bug fixes and other improvements this month:

  • Improved search for clients in timers (better matches show at top).
  • Quote line items now respect line breaks (they used to collapse them).
  • Updated the Freshbooks integration (it temporarily stopped working). 
  • More work was done to improve performance across the app. This is an ongoing effort, so expect this to be a regular part of each month’s updates.

That’s it for October. As always, please drop us a line at support@getballpark.com and share your hopes and dreams.

We’ll be back next month with another update.